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If you've seen my portrait drawings on RedditGetsDrawn where I draw and paint as user ObeyMyBrain, you may have wondered, "How can I get him to draw one of my photographs?" Well wonder no longer.

Tips on choosing a reference photo:

Bright even lighting is best, unless you're going for a dark contrasty look of course.
Try to pick a photo that shows your entire head. Especially your hairline.

Portrait only at this time and just based on the reference photo. Nothing like, "Make me a pirate."

412 KieraJo

Digital Portrait

$75 (one subject)

The Second subject in the same painting is $35 extra. Each additional subject beyond that is $25.

Click for more examples.

What it is: You send me a digital reference photo and I send you back a finished digital painting in the style of the examples seen here as a digital file in jpg format. It is not a paintover/tracing nor do I use photoshop filters. Entirely done using painting techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio 5. The file will be around 4000 pixels in the long dimension. Suitable for printing greater than 11" x 14". I will also include a smaller photo for web use.

You will receive a digital file, not a print.


You can either email me the reference photos at, upload it/them to a gallery on  or click here to upload them to a private gallery on my website.

Choose how many subjects will be in the digital portrait from the drop down list above. If you have more than 4 subjects, once you have added the "4 Subjects" option to the shopping cart, return here by hitting the "keep shopping" button and add the $25 option. You can adjust the quantity once you return to the cart.


I have the right to refuse a request based on subject matter or it being overly complex. In such a case I will refund completely. Ie. no large groups.

I will need at least one photo reference emailed to me along with details about what is wanted ie. color choices, etc. basically anything that will make the drawing easier.

I accept paypal but other forms of payment are possible. I can set up a listing on Etsy where Direct Credit Card Payments are accepted.

After completion if there is something not to your satisfaction I will do one minor adjustment to fix it. I will not redo the entire painting or do multiple fixes. Those will cost extra.

When complete you will be provided with a link to download your full resolution jpeg file. The file will be roughly 11x14 inches at 300 dpi. This file is provided for personal use only and is not licensed for commercial use.

If you have any questions email me at or contact me through my facebook page.

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