Josh Freeman

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

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Production Role Theatre Director
A Midsummer Night's Dream Theseus Fruitless Moon Prod. Aimee Greenberg
Macbeth Bloody Sergent, Murderer 1, Siward Vanguard Theatre Tom Haine
Scandal in the St. Florian Valley Vagabond Chronos Theatre Ivan Rupnik
The Crucible Marshal Willard Pickwick Players Kenn Burnett
Shakuntala Sharngarava, Matali Chronos Theatre Celeste Innocenti
Yerma Juan Chronos Theatre Doug Hoehn
Charley's Aunt Sir Francis Stagehouse Theatre Henry J Jordan
Tartuffe Cleante Stagehouse Theatre Henry J Jordan
Love Letters Andy Stagehouse Theatre Beth Duggan
Rumors Ernie Stagehouse Theatre Henry J Jordan
No Sit, No Stand, No Lie Victor 6th @ Penn Doug Hoehn
Dracula Specter #1 Stagehouse Theatre Henry J Jordan
The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus Cornelius, Wrath Stagehouse Theatre Henry J Jordan
Humphrey Albert and the Flying Machine Dad, Young Man, Handsome Man Stagehouse Theatre Jerry Hager
Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry Stagehouse Theatre Henry J Jordan
Plaza Suite Roy Hubley Stagehouse Theatre Michelle Feron
Jackalope Mirror Stagehouse Theatre Jerry Hager

Staged Readings Role Theatre Director
King Lear King of France, Doctor San Diego Shakespeare Thomas Haine
Mercutio "King of Cats" Benvolio Playwrights Forum Christophver R
The Adventures in Madrid Bellmour Chronos Theatre Celeste Innocenti
The Election Truebridge Chronos Theatre Justine Hince
Macbeth Ross San Diego Shakespeare Patricia Lynch
Wolf of Mount Zhong Wolf Chronos Theatre Celeste Innocenti
Tales of Chelm Various Chronos Theatre Eric George
Take Me Out Davey Battle On Stage Playhouse Desmond Hassing
Tony & Cleo Tony 6th @ Penn Dale Morris

IMDB credits

Production Role Director
Fred's Friend (short) Fred (lead) Aaron Brungardt


BA in Creative Writing SDSU
AS in Multimedia Grossmont College

Beginning acting training Lisa Drummond Grossmont College
Intermediate acting training Martin Katz Grossmont College
Mime Jerry Hager Grossmont College
Advanced/Shakespearean acting training Henry J Jordan Grossmont College


Juggling, Mime, Improv, Photography, Swimming, Bicycle, Computers, Visual Art, Learns quickly, Driver License, Takes direction well

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